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  • ☕️🤖 A Retired U.S. Army General Joins OpenAI's Board

☕️🤖 A Retired U.S. Army General Joins OpenAI's Board

PLUS: How To Automate Your Email Inbox Using ChatGPT

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  • The problem with human and LLM-as-a-judge approaches

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AI News around the world 🌎

⚔️ Retired U.S. Army General Paul M. Nakasone has joined OpenAI's Board of Directors and will contribute to the company's efforts to ensure the safe and beneficial development of artificial general intelligence. (link)

🚨 Meta has postponed its plans to use European Union (EU) and U.K. users' data for training its AI systems in response to regulatory pressure from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the U.K.'s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). (link)

🚀 Steve Eisman believes the U.S. economy is more dynamic than ever due to the AI race and infrastructure surge, and advises holding onto Apple stock as AI-enabled devices drive a massive refresh cycle. (link)

❌ McDonald’s is reportedly phasing out its partnership with IBM for the AI-driven drive-thru ordering system. According to Restaurant Business, McDonald’s franchisees have been informed that the tech will be removed from the over 100 restaurants where it has been undergoing testing (link)

💰 Adobe's stock surged 15% after reporting revenue and profit figures that surpassed investor expectations, driven by the success of its generative AI-powered products. (link)

credits Bloomberg

✉️ Hoppy Copy: A web-based AI email writing platform for email marketers, offering a Newsletter Creator that generates ideas, copy, and imagery with one click. (link)

🎥 Dream Machine: Effortlessly generate high-quality, realistic videos from text and images. Enjoy physically accurate shots with smooth motion, perfect cinematography, and engaging drama. (link)

📊 Fortune App: An AI accounting software that automates financial analytics and ensures accuracy. Connects with over 17,000 banks, offering instant alerts, flexible date ranges, and advanced transaction search. (link)

📽️ Elai.io: An AI video generator that helps teams create high-quality, engaging video content at scale, including avatar-based training and text-to-video conversion with multilingual support. (link)

Tutorials 📝

Automate Your Email Inbox Using ChatGPT & Make.com (view)

How to Scrape any Website Using Make.com (view)

OpenAI CTO Responds to Elon Musk Calling Apple Partnership ‘Creepy Spyware’ (view)

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AI Job Board 💼

BlackLine - Director, AI - $190,000 - $255,000 (view job)

Trunk Tools, Inc. - Director of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - $250,000 - $300,000 / year + equity (view job)

Nanonets - VP of AI - N/A (view job)

Investments in AI💰

Enveda Biosciences Raises $55M in Funding. (link)

BlinqIO raises $5 million Seed round for generative-AI software testing platform. (link)

AI Accounting Platform AccountsIQ Secures $64m To Expand Workforce (link)

Boxing Match of the Day 🥊

credits Justin Flynn

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