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  • 🤯 From Reddit to Eye-Controlled iPhones: AI is Taking Over!

🤯 From Reddit to Eye-Controlled iPhones: AI is Taking Over!

PLUS: Create Viral Short Form Content With AI

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AI News around the world 🌎

🚨 OpenAI has partnered with Reddit to integrate Reddit's content into ChatGPT and other AI products. The deal grants OpenAI access to Reddit's Data API, enhancing its AI models with real-time, structured content. (+)

👀 iOS 18 will feature eye-tracking, allowing users to control their iPhones with their eyes. This new capability, set to debut at WWDC, aims to enhance accessibility and user interaction. (+)

🤝 Sainsbury's and Microsoft have announced a five-year partnership to enhance customer and employee experiences using AI. This collaboration will utilize Microsoft's AI to improve store operations, online shopping, and customer service. (+)

🤖 OpenAI has disbanded its team focused on AI risks, integrating members into other projects. This decision comes amid scrutiny of AI technologies and departures of key figures like co-founder Ilya Sutskever. CEO Sam Altman emphasized the ongoing commitment to AI safety​​ (+)

🤯 Google explained that its AI features are named "Gemini" to symbolize the collaboration between its DeepMind and Brain teams, akin to the twin stars in the Gemini constellation. (+)

credits: Fabrice COFFRINI

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🔥 ChatBotKit: A cutting-edge platform for creating custom AI chat solutions with multi-lingual support, integrating top AI models like GPT-4. (link)

Tutorials 📝

How to Talk to Your Website Using AI | Vapi Tutorial (view)

Create Viral Short Form Content With Ai (view)

How To Use Make.com For Beginners in 2024 (view)

AI Job Board 💼

Dioptra - Founding ML Engineer - N/A (view job)

Coactive Systems - Machine Learning Engineer - $186,000 - $220,000 (view job)

Gatik - ML Engineer, Behavior ML - N/A (view job)

Investments in AI💰

PayHOA Closes Series A Round of $27.5M (link)

Report: Snowflake in talks to acquire AI model developer Reka AI for $1B+ (link)

CoreWeave Secures $7.5 Billion to Expand AI Infrastructure (link)

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