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  • ☕️🤖 It’s Here: Perplexity AI’s ‘Pages’ Transforms Research into Stunning Visual Content!

☕️🤖 It’s Here: Perplexity AI’s ‘Pages’ Transforms Research into Stunning Visual Content!

PLUS: New ChatGPT Desktop App...

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Hey there, AI Break fam! 🌟 

Ready to dive into another chill edition of insight and innovation? Let's kick back and explore the coolest AI trends together. 😎

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AI News around the world 🌎

🤖 Perplexity AI has launched a new tool called Pages, which allows users to turn research into visually dynamic content such as reports, articles, and guides. This tool enables users to create, organize, and share information in a novel format, making it easier to synthesize complex topics into readable content. (link)

🚨 OpenAI's new GPT-4o model makes advanced features like image uploads, data analysis, and custom GPTs available for free to all users. This upgrade allows for the use of text, images, video, and voice inputs, enhancing the overall user experience​ (link)

🕵️‍♂️ Researchers at Arizona State University compared Scarlett Johansson's voice to OpenAI's GPT-4o voice, named 'Sky.' The study found that Johansson's voice was more similar to Sky's than 98% of other actresses, but Anne Hathaway and Keri Russell's voices were closer matches. (link)

💻 Anthropic has announced the general availability of tool use for its Claude 3 model family. This feature allows Claude to interact with external tools and APIs, enabling it to perform tasks, manipulate data, and provide more dynamic responses. Users can define toolsets and specify requests in natural language, which Claude then executes. (link)

⚙️ Nvidia dominates the AI chip market with a 95% market share, but rising competition from tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft is expected to challenge its position. (link)

credits @perplexity

⚙️ Spine AI - Empower faster, data-driven decisions. Make complex queries accessible to all users through plain language questions. Enhance your product by becoming the source of reliable, actionable insights that drive better decisions. 👉 Find Out More

📄 Podsnacks: AI-powered tool designed to streamline your podcast experience by offering concise summaries of podcast episodes (link)

📈 Waxwing: Is a project management tool for growth marketers, offering AI-driven personalized marketing strategies, real-time market insights, and intelligent task generation. (link)

💼 Glitter: Quickly turns any process into a step-by-step guide, making it easy to teach tasks by clicking and speaking. (link)

Tutorials 📝

Make YouTube Backgrounds with AI (SIMPLE) Step-By-Step Tutorial (view)

New ChatGPT Desktop App - 10 Incredible Use Cases (view)

I Built A Mobile APP In 30 Minutes With No-Code + AI (view)

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AI Job Board 💼

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Supervisory IT Project Manager - $134,789 - $164,102 per year (view job)

Databricks - Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager - Digital Natives - $98,000 - $217,000 (view job)

Mirador Therapeutics - Associate Director, Machine Learning - $125,000 - $240,000 (view job)

Investments in AI💰

AI manufacturing startup funding is on a tear as Switzerland's EthonAI raises $16.5m. (link)

Exactly.ai secures $4M to help artists use AI to scale up their output. (link)

Zendata Raises $2M to Redefine AI Governance and Data Privacy with No-Code Platform (link)

Boxing Match of the Day 🥊

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