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  • 🤖🤯 Elon’s Monster AI – 100,000 Chips Fueling the Future

🤖🤯 Elon’s Monster AI – 100,000 Chips Fueling the Future

PLUS: Nvidia vs. Apple – Who’s the Billionaire Titan?...

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AI News around the world 🌎

🐦 Elon Musk's AI startup, xAI, is building a supercomputer powered by 100,000 Nvidia chips to rival OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, aiming to power the next generation of xAI's chatbot, Grok. (link)

🤖 Cohere has released Aya 23, a set of multilingual large language models (LLMs) available in 23 languages, offering open weights for researchers to experiment with, aiming to democratize access to advanced AI technology. (link)

📱 Arc Search's "Call Arc" feature for iPhone simulates a phone call to activate voice search, improving user experience with a natural and convenient way to interact with search queries. (link)

💰 Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang is on track to become the world's richest person, with his company's value projected to surpass Apple's and his personal wealth estimated to reach over $91 billion. (link)

⚙️ Google's recent algorithm updates have significantly impacted the internet, with some independent publishers experiencing devastating traffic losses, while others like Reddit have seen significant growth. (link)

🧠 Meet Cody: An intelligent AI assistant that can be trained on your business's knowledge base. (link)

🎥 Fliki: A cutting-edge AI video generator that turns scripts into stunning, lifelike videos with dynamic voiceovers and AI clips. (link)

🎨 Dora: A revolutionary AI-powered platform to create 3D animated websites without coding. (link)

📝 Documind Chat: Craft standout resumes effortlessly with AI-driven suggestions and ATS-friendly templates. (link)

Tutorials 📝

How I Build Unlimited Backlinks with AI (for Free) (view)

Better Than ManyChat: Automate Instagram DMs With AI Agents (view)

Automating Data Entry into Google Sheets & Excel with ChatGPT & Zapier | Tutorial For Beginners (view)

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AI Job Board 💼

Helm.ai - Machine Learning Engineer - $150,000-$250,000 (view job)

Proof - Machine Learning Engineer - $130,000-$160,000 (view job)

VectorShift - AI / ML Engineer - $100,000-$160,000 (view job)

Investments in AI💰

Cloud Startup Grafana Labs In Talks To Raise New Funding At $6 Billion Valuation. (link)

ThinkLabs AI Raises $5M in Seed Funding. (link)

Berlin-based Rows raises €8 million to spread AI-powered spreadsheets around the world. (link)

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