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  • 🚨 Drama at OpenAI: Ilya Sutskever Leaves the Company

🚨 Drama at OpenAI: Ilya Sutskever Leaves the Company

PLUS: Elon Musk's xAI has launched its Grok chatbot in Europe

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AI News around the world 🌎

🚨 OpenAI's Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever is leaving the company, marking a significant shift in leadership. Sutskever, a co-founder and key figure behind OpenAI's AI advancements, will be succeeded by Jakub Pachocki (+)

🚀 Elon Musk's xAI has launched its Grok chatbot in Europe. This expansion marks a key step in Musk's plan to promote open-source AI technologies​ (+)

💰 Stability AI is exploring a sale due to financial struggles. The AI firm is facing a cash crunch, prompting discussions about this significant move (+)

🎧 Meta is developing AI-enabled headphones and earbuds, called Camerabuds, that can capture and analyze surroundings for real-time assistance and visual search (+)

✅ Google has added Gemini to its Education suite in Google Workspace to enhance educational experiences with AI-driven content creation and real-time information retrieval​ (+)

credits: OpenAI

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Tutorials 📝

How To Use Make.com (no code automation tool) For Beginners in 2024 (view)

How to Enable ChatGPT4 Voice to Voice on Phone (view)

26 Incredible Use Cases for the New GPT-4o (view)

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AI Job Board 💼

Zoom - Video Processing Algorithm Engineer - $122,000 to $244,000 (view job)

3M - AI/ML Engineer - $137,000 to $167,000 (view job)

Nuro - Senior Product Manager for Autonomy Tools - $138,000 to $207,000 (view job)

Investments in AI💰

Artisan AI raises $7.3M to develop autonomous AI employees (link)

CoLab’s collaborative tools for engineers line up $21M in new funding (link)

YC-backed Recall.ai gets $10M Series A to help companies use virtual meeting data (link)

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credits @william-ai

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