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☕🤖Apple’s IntelliPhones: Goodbye Smartphones

PLUS: 5 Prompts That 99% of GPT-4o Users Don‘t Know...

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👋 Hello Innovators! 🎉 Welcome to another thrilling edition of The AI Break.

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AI News around the world 🌎

🤖 OpenAI has formed a new safety committee, led by CEO Sam Altman, as it begins training its next AI model. The committee will evaluate and develop safety protocols within the next 90 days and make recommendations to the board, which will then be publicly disclosed. (link)

🚨 Apple's "IntelliPhones" are expected to dominate the market, according to Bank of America, as they will introduce AI-powered tools, providing immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences and AI-generated personal assistance. (link)

🐦 Jan Leike, OpenAI's former safety leader, joins Anthropic to lead a new oversight team focused on scalable oversight, weak-to-strong generalization, and automated alignment research. This move follows Leike's departure from OpenAI, where he had been critical of the company's safety approach. (link)

💻 Google's AI Overviews, a new search feature, has been generating incorrect and sometimes dangerous answers, such as recommending eating rocks or adding glue to pizza. Experts believe that these issues are inherent to large language models and may not be fully solvable. (link)

⚙️ Klarna has reported a significant reduction in marketing and sales expenses due to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The company attributed 37% of its cost savings, equivalent to $10 million annually, to AI. (link)

credits @sama

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✍️ Meet AI-Writer: An AI-powered content generation tool that crafts full-length articles with verifiable citations, SEO-friendly text, and direct WordPress publishing. (link)

🧬 SciSummary: This AI-driven tool quickly and precisely summarizes scientific articles and research papers. (link)

💼 Huntr: It's a job search platform with an AI resume builder, job tracker, resume checker, and browser extension for seamless application management. (link)

Tutorials 📝

How to Integrate GPT-4o Assistant Into Your Website (updated) (view)

Facebook Ads with ChatGPT: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide (view)

5 Prompts That 99% of GPT-4o Users Don‘t Know (view)

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AI Job Board 💼

Corelight - Machine Learning Engineer - $154,000 - $183,000 (view job)

Obviant - Analyst Market Intelligence - $60,000 - $110,000 (view job)

MatX - Machine Learning Researcher - $120,000 - $400,000 (view job)

Investments in AI💰

Exactly.ai secures $4M to help artists use AI to scale up their output. (link)

Palantir lands $480M Army contract for Maven artificial intelligence tech. (link)

Pyte secures $5M to expand secure computation in regulated industries. (link)

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